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BMPro BATTERYCHECKPRO Wireless Battery Monitor 300amp for Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

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Check your batteries from your mobile phone
  • Communicates with your phone via Bluetooth
  • app via Google Play and iTunes App Store
  • Easy DIY installation – no mechanical expertise required
  • Works with batteries in parallel (7Ah-800Ah battery bank)
  • Internal shunt capacity – 300A peak, 240A continuous
  • Compatible with deep cycle lead acid, AGM, Gel and LiFePO4 batteries

With BatteryCheckPRO, you can really understand your recreational vehicle’s 12V battery. Choose BatteryCheckPRO if you rely on your secondary battery to operate microwave, inverter, hair dryer, or have other high current requirements (over 100A). BatteryCheckPRO is compatible both with lead acid and lithium (LiFePO4) types of deep cycle batteries.

We all know that a simple measurement of voltage is not enough to really comprehend fully what is happening with your deep cycle battery. Whether you are using your 12V power or charging the battery, you want to be confident your battery is in good health and has enough power for your next adventure.

BatteryCheckPRO is a wireless battery monitor with the latest Bluetooth LE technology built in, so you can monitor your battery in real time via smartphone with the app. The new and improved app is highly intuitive, clear and easy to use. It allows to choose the type and capacity of the battery and also to change battery reserve, which gives even more control over your vehicle’s power usage.

Download BatteryCheck100+PRO app fromGoogle Play storeorApp Storeand set the monitoring in minutes.

Specially designed for recreational vehicles’ secondary batteries, BatteryCheckPRO allows monitoring up to 300A maximum charge or discharge.

BatteryCheckPRO is not suitable with engine cranking applications of any type and is not intended for under vehicle bonnet use. However, you can use it in a Ute tray application in a sealed battery box or in a marine application if the battery area is free from water and salt.


  • Voltage and Temperature
  • Charge/Discharge Current
  • State of Charge (SoC)
  • State of Health (SoH)
  • Estimated Discharge Time Remaining

With wireless battery monitor BatteryCheckPRO, you’ll always have enough power to keep your adventures on track.

InputVoltage Range8V to 16V
Voltage Measurement Resolution<20mV
Continuous Current Rating240A
Current Measurement Range300A
Current Measurement Resolution<150mA
Overload Protection(100ms w/out damage) 800A
Monitored Battery Capacity7Ah to 800Ah
Temperature Measurement Range-20 °C to 70 °C (at Battery Terminal)
Temperature Measurement Resolution1 °C
Dimensions140mm x 65mm x 18.6mm

Super handy to check your battery status from your phone

**does not include Phone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Susana (Perth, AU)

Easy to install and Works well.

TempoFelice (Auckland, NZ)
Great hardware but app?

The design and simplicity of installation of this product is great... And the Android software application is okay although tends to be a little slow in connecting to the device... Not sure why that is.
Given the potential features that a smartphone app could provide it's seems a little basic....a log of battery draw and charging would be a bonus in tracking down loads and similarly efficiency of solar array etc.
But I definitely like it and would buy it again?

(rogers1302) (Melbourne, AU)
BATTERYCHECKPRO Wireless Battery Monitor

What a excellent bit of kit. Really easy to install and keep your battery tip top no matter how you are using or charging it.

Future Adventure Auto Electrical (chezntan) (Townsville, AU)
installing and using the battery check pro

Easy to install .Connected easily and reconnects with no drama. easy to read and understand.