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Autoterm Diesel Air Heater Controller Cable Wiring Extension

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Extension wiring for control panels, assy.2468

This extension wiring is suitable for Air heaters PLANAR Control panels that use 6 pin control panel wire:

  • PU-5 (assy.3765)
  • PU-11 (assy.2051)
  • PU-22 (assy.3355)
  • PU-27 (assy.4725)

This cable connected between Control panel wire assy.2067 (included in the air heaters set) and a heater.

The cable is included in the following air heaters sets:

  • AUTOTERM Air 2D (previously known as PLANAR 2D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 4D (previously known as PLANAR 44D)
  • AUTOTERM Air 8D (previously known as PLANAR 8DM)
  • AUTOTERM Air 9D (previously known as PLANAR 9D)

Wiring length - 5 meters.

Total wiring length using this cable is 6,8 m.

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