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Thermostat Controlled Fridge Fan for 3 Way Caravan Fridges

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Thermostat Controlled Fridge Fan for 3 Way Caravan Fridges

The 12VDC Power Fridge Fan controls heat built-up in the vent compartment behind your RV Refrigerator. This heat build-up can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator especially when the Caravan/Camper is under a hot sun. With the 12VDC Power Fridge Fan you will be able to stop food spoilage and keep it cold.
  • Powered by 12VDC Power Source
  • 4 meters of wire
  • Thermostatic ON/Off Control at 30°C
  • No noise and pollution free
  • Increases cooling efficiency of the refrigerator up to 40% by exhausting out heat behind it.
  • Reduces energy consumption, prolong refrigerator life.
  • Easy installation.


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