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The Original Bushman 35-52L Portable Fridge-Freezer

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The Expandable Fridge - 35 Litres to 52 Litres

Since 1998 our customers have thrown everything at this fridge. Rain, hail, shine and it’s still going strong. If you want a truly efficient fridge that's proven to survive in Australia’s harshest conditions, look no further. Bushman stands the test of time, 18 years and counting. When you purchase your Bushman, you will receive an Accessory Kit included with your purchase This includes a flat lid, 10L extension collar, 7L high lid, 3 internal baskets, 4 fixed tie down brackets and a protective cover.
The Original 35-52L
  • Flat lid
  • 7 litre high lid
  • 10 litre extension collar
  • 4 heavy duty tie down points
  • Transit cover
  • 3 Storage baskets
  • 12 V lead
  • External 240 V adapter
  • Genuine 12 V Anderson lead
  • 5 Year compressor
  • 3 Year fridge
  • Australia wide
  • Super Efficient
  • Full size fridge condenser
  • 120mm fan
  • Superior ventilation & airflow
  • 360º surround internal roll bond evaporator
And Versatile
  • Volume expandable 35L > 42L > 45L > 52L
  • 3 stackable storage baskets
  • Splittable cooling zones . Pre-frozen, Fridge, Crisper, Drinks

Tech Specs

  • Set temperature range -22º to 10º
  • Operates up to a 30º angle
  • Average 0.67 Ah (set at -4º in 25º ambient)
  • German designed Secop Danfoss BD35F compressor
  • Draws 2.4 A at 12.5 V
  • Voltage range 12 V – 24 V DC
  • 12 V Battery protection cut out 10.4 V
Length 690mm Width 385mm 35L Height 380mm 42L Height 475mm 45L Height 465mm 52L Height 545mm 35L Weight 22.5kg ABOUT BUSHMAN We don’t want to be the biggest portable fridge company around, just the best. Our customers want the highest quality fridges and accessories they can get, so that’s what we give them. Keeping our customers happy is what we do. To achieve this, we keep things pretty simple: 1. If we’re going to do something, we do it properly. 2. If it works, we don’t fix it - But if it’s broken, we fix it straight away. 12 Volt Portable - Compressor, 41 to 70 litre, Bushman, Fridge, portable fridge, Up to 40 litre
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