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Milenco, tow ball weight scales, nose weight gauge, caravan

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Stay safe and legal while towing with the help of ball weight scales.
We conducted studies on the available ball weight gauges and at best found them only accurate within 12 kilos but more concerning is that we found these ball weight gauges often became ridiculously inaccurate with use.

The Milenco precision calibrated ball weight gauge has been manufactured using unique materials so that its calibration remains accurate even after 1000 uses. Other ball weight gauges can be up to 30 kilos out after 1000 uses.

Another improvement we have made is that the scale is much clearer and goes up to 400 kilo's and are accurate to within 2 kilo's.

Further improvements include the fact we made the ball weight gauge the same height as your caravan, so you do not need to block it up to use it.

You are getting real value for money and something that works correctly, exactly to the standard. Many ball weight gauges as the springs soften with use especially those using piano wire. This is another safety product you can trust from Milenco.

Exceeding your vehicles maximum ball weight is both unsafe and illegal.

Dont risk the safety of yourself or others, check your ball weight before you Travel.

  • Trailer or caravan nose weight gauge
  • calibrated easy to read gauge
  • clear accurate scale
  • precision measurement
  • safer towing
  • soft tip to prevent damage to hitch
  • overload protection
  • helps ensure load capacities don’t exceed your vehicles capacity
  • High quality heavy duty construction
  • comes complete with storage bag
  • still accurate after 1000 uses
  • maintenance free
  • 50kg to 400kg

Your tow ball weight should be 10% of your gross trailer weight.

It is a vital safety procedure to ensure your tow ball weight is correct for towing. An incorrect tow ball weight can lead to an increased chance of accidents and increase your fuel consumption and it may also void your vehicle insurance. Too little or too much weight on your ball can have some dangerous implications including caravan sway, poor handling and difficulty braking or steering.

If your tow ball weight is too heavy or too light it may contribute to a range of dangerous situations including sway, loss of traction, loss of steering control and difficulty braking safely.

The Milenco tow ball weight scales are a simple and easy way to ensure you have the correct towing weight every-time you take off on a trip.

Can be used for caravans, pop tops, boats, camper trailers and horse floats.
includes protective cover/storage bag.

Milenco Precision Calibrated Nose Weight Gauge 400kg

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