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Collyn Rivers


The Caravan & Motorhome Book - by Collyn Rivers

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The Caravan & Motorhome Book was first published in 2002.

It was updated seven times and totally rewritten in 2012.

The book covers every conceivable aspect of campervan and motorhome usage. It was initially conceived during the author’s epic trans-Africa trip that included two Sahara crossings.

It takes in experience gained during author (Collyn Rivers) plus twelve return trips across the centre of Australia from Broome to the east coast and back (24 journeys – each of 7000 km plus) in his converted OKA ex-mining truck.

He and his wife (Maarit) did three more (return) in their 4.2 litre Nissan Patrol and Tvan.
The author’s caravanning experience includes towing a 40 year old caravan from Helsinki (Finland) to the 700 km north of the Arctic Circle.

The Campervan & Motorhome Book is also aided by the author being an ex motor industry research engineer. He later switched careers to become a technical author and publisher.

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