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Autoterm Fan Assembly for 2D-24 Autoterm 2579 - No Longer Available

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Air pump for 2D-24, assy.2579

Fan Assembly and control units for Air 2D.
At the end of 2021 Autoterm started to supply Air 2D heaters with new fan assemblies and control units.
For a better understanding here is the table:

Previous Fan Assy

Previous CU

New Fan Assy

New CU

Air 2D12


3983, 2618



Air 2D24


4223, 2581



It is very important to know that OLD Fan Assemblies DO NOT WORK WITH NEW CONTROL UNITS. But the new control units work both with old and new Fan Assemblies.

Old Fan Assemblies with part numbers 2613 and 2579 will no longer be available.
Generally it means that if you need to change the old Control unit, you have to change it with a new fan fan assembly.

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