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Andersen 8" Drop Weight Distribution Hitch

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It’s the simplest, quietest and most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today. Australian spec model Completely NEW to the RV Industry! The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch with adjustable 8" drop/rise combines modern materials, technology and innovations. This is a first in the industry giving caravan and trailer owners the best anti-sway option AND the only True Motion-DampeningTM system available. Which means safe easy towing for all drivers. Owners report that they can’t believe how smooth, safer and quiet the ride is!

Look at these advantages:

  • Unparalleled Sway Control that self-adjusts
  • So quiet you won't even know it's there - no rattles, clicks, squeaks or groans!
  • Patented True Motion-DampeningTM system - drastically reduces bounce
  • Greaseless system - ball and coupler move as one
  • Easy install - no pry bars needed!
  • 50mm 3.5T ball included - no extras to buy
  • One-Pin removal from tow vehicle
  • Doubles as a standard ball mount for towing without weight distribution
  • 8" drop/rise adjustable hitch
  • The smoothest ride around - owners are saying they can't believe it!
  • No problem backing up - even reversing your trailer is easy.
  • No binding or locking up
  • Weighs under 25kgs
  • up to 3500kg ATM
  • up to 350kg Tongue Weight
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Anderson fitting guide:

Okay, to help you properly we need a few measurements in inches:

A. With your trailer level, measure from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler – then subtract 1".

B. Now measure from the ground to the top of your receiver (top of 2" square).

The difference between the first and second measurements will tell you what size drop you will need (below). If the difference is 4"or less, then the 4" drop will work for your set up (in drop or rise position) If the difference is between 4" and 8", then the 8" drop will work for your set up (in drop or rise position) If the difference is greater than 8", then you may need a custom shank for your set up.

next we need to know if your trailer coupling/hitch is mounted above the van chassis or mounted in between the van chassis rails (like on a jayco outback).

The above listing is for 8" and for the coupling mounted above the chassis rails.

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