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Enerdrive DC2DC 40+amp Battery Charger and Solar Regulator

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Our favorite DCDC charger great for all battery types including lithium.

We use this for all installs needing more than 30amps of charge capacity.

Our favourite DCDC charger for high output loads.
We use this in all our bus builds as it can take 24volts down to 12volts.
Suitable for AGM batteries but can easily have settings changed to support Lithium.
So if you need to upgrade but are not ready to change to Lithium, then this is a great choice.
  • Two separate DC Inputs for engine/start battery and solar panel charging to a single house battery bank
  • M6 screw terminals
  • Maximum Power Point (MPPT) solar regulator
  • The same algorithms as used in the AC mains ePOWER battery charger.
  • GEL, AGM, Flooded, Lithium with the ability to create a full custom profile
  • Vehicle input of either 12 or 24v
  • Maximum solar input of 45V/800W
  • 40A output
  • up to 40+°C with fan cooling
  • Programmable LCD display to show which source is charging, along with charger status, voltage and amperage

DC 2 DC 40+amp Battery Charger/ MPPT Reg

Model EN3DC40+
Output Rating
Output Voltage 12V Nominal (8.0V min)
Output Current (Maximum) 40A ~ 50A
Output Power 775W
Charger DC Output (CH1):
Selectable Battery Type Gel, AGM, Flooded, Lithium, Program
Charger Voltage Range 13.8V – 15.5V
Float Voltage Range 13.0V – 13.8V
Charger Current (User Selectable) 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50A (default 40A)
Equalize Voltage (Flooded Battery) 15.5V
Equalize Charging Current 10% of Bulk Current Setting
Charging Control 2 stage / 3 stage selectable (Default 3 stage)
DC Output Bank Single
Current draw from CH1 when not in use 50mA
Battery Temperature Setting Low/ Normal/ High (Battery Temperature Sensor Standard)
Efficiency 95%
INPUT Rating (CH2 – MPPT Solar)
Input Voltage 14.5 – 45VOC
Maximum Input ≤ 23V input, 500W (600W allowable) ≥37.5V-45V input, 750W (800W allowable)
INPUT Rating (CH3 – Start/Alternator)
Input Voltage 10.5 – 16VDC / 21 – 32VDC
Height x Width x Depth 242mm x 172mm x 74mm
Unit Weight 1.85 Kg
Shipping Weight 2.17 kg

    During normal operation the ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger will do a full charge cycle to float stage on the house battery bank with ability to choose either GEL, AGM, Flooded, Custom Programmable or Lithium. Once float stage is reached the charger transitions to a power supply mode to support any on-board DC loads.

    Multistage Charging Process

    The ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger is a fully automatic, set and forget charger. It is designed to quickly and accurately recharge your deep cycle batteries utilising charger algorithms that help to maximise the life of your specialised deep cycle batteries.

    The ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger features multistage smart charging technology that enables the charger to be connected to your battery bank permanently. With the input of multiple sources, you can be assured of charging your batteries whenever underway; or when the sun is shining on your solar array.

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