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80-T2-2000AG CF

Waeco CF Range Spare 12v DC Cable CF25 CF35 CF40 CF50 CF60 2m

Waeco 12V DC Cable to suit the Waeco portable fridge range. Genuine Dometic/Waeco part 2 metres Cable to suit: CFX Range
  • CFX28
  • CFX35
  • CFX40
  • CFX50
  • CFX60
  • CFX60DZ
  • CFX95DZ2
CF Range
  • CF25
  • CF35
  • CF40
  • CF50
  • CF60
CDF Range
  • CDF11
  • CDF35
Also CCF Range and FF Range.   The CF-18 power cord (no 90 degree angle) will also fit all these fridges - see our other listings 12 Volt Portable - Compressor, Adapters and Power Supplies, Cables, Dometic, Waeco