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Vansat Bluestar Automatic Satellite Dish System - Full Australia Coverage

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VANSAT BLUESTAR - Australia's Preferred Automatic Satellite Dish System With Rock Solid Reliability and Superb Poor Signal Performance.

Vansat BLUESTAR - Australia's Leading Technological Auto Dish System with 1000's Sold

Automatic Satellite Dish products, known also as automatic satellite systems are caravan and motorhome satellite dish solutions designed to give television reception Australia wide. Bluestar automatic satellite systems and dishes give you reception coverage in the most remote areas.

Whether you are a novice to automatic satellite dish systems or a seasoned professional, the easy to use Bluestar automatic satellite dish is your answer to entertainment.

We have designed the Bluestar for Australia's rugged operating environment to go onto RV, Motorhome and caravans. Once you make the investment in our automatic satellite dish system you will never go back to your unreliable antenna setup.

Once you press the power button the automatic satellite dish will lift and quickly locate the correct satellite for Foxtel, Austar and VAST satellite television. Operates and Aligns from Inside your Mobile Home at the Push of one Button

  • No Great Holes to Cut
  • 85cm Super Gain Dish
  • Full 360 Degree Rotation
  • Full Fitting Kit Included.

DIY made simple with our system.

Very Comprehensive, It includes all fixtures, fittings, weather seals - in fact everything that is required to DIY self-install the system yourself. Large mounting plate supplied to ensure safe, stable and dependable installation. FIXING KIT INCLUDES

  • Super Durable Adhesive
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Coach Screws
  • Cable extenders
DIMENSIONS Folded L 108cm x W 81cm x H 17cm Raised L 108cm x W 81cm x H 98cm Weight - 15 Kgs
  • Three (3) Year Warranty
  • Australia Wide Coverage
  • NO ongoing charges
  • Satellite PayTV Compatible
  • Rugged and Dependable


Super Gain Dish The Bluestar Fully Automatic Satellite System is engineered to ensure the maximum possible signal strength in all remote areas.

The supplied 85cm Super Gain dish provides reception anywhere in Australia.

Our new model aluminium dish now incorporates rubber trim around the outside, a skeletal bracing system on the rear, and a highly accurate focal point. Together these new features make the dish powerful, strong, and reliable – year after year.

DUAL (Twin) LNB Custom made for Vansat and ordered from the US, our LNB is tailored for Australian conditions and Australian satellite providers. The Local Oscillator Frequency is the accepted standard of 10700.

Twin Outlets give the user versatility for all situations they may encounter, whether this be for VAST, FTA or PayTV uses. Coupled with the Super Gain Dish the LNB works to provide excellent signal even in adverse conditions.

Stainless Fittings The Bluestar product is assembled with stainless fittings and fixtures in all critical areas. This gives the unit superb corrosion and rust resistance. A matter very important for our Island Continent.

Steel Gearboxes Our Gearboxes – The heart of the machine. Two quality gear boxes manufactured with stainless steel drive shafts, bronze billet gearing, sealed bearings and a solid cast aluminium housing. Incredibly strong, incredibly reliable. FACT – we have NEVER had a defective gearbox in our machines.

Wind Stabilisers New Model wind stabilisers fitted to the underside of the Bluestar dome makes movement in the wind virtually impossible. Each unit now incorporates four stabilisers giving predictable, stable reception in windy conditions.

The Control Unit HD High Definition Control Unit – Future proof your investment. The control unit is capable to locking to SD standard definition and HD high definition satellite signals to ensure operating compatibility for many years into the future. Expansion Slot for future service providers. This adapter slot will allow future services using IRDETO CAM technology to interface directly to the system. Each board is precision manufactured with surface mount soldering techniques, transient spike protection and advanced software algorithms. Altogether these give the user an easy interface, powerful features, and exceptional reliability. USB Port for recordings of received programs and for software updates.

Software updates are available from The Vansat website and are free of charge to Bluestar owners. Both HDMI and AV composite sockets are available on the rear. HDMI is the preferred connection method however AV is also available for older TV compatibility. Both a HDMI and an AV cable are supplied as standard with the Bluestar.

Want to mount the Bluestar control unit inside a cupboard out of the way but maintain full remote control operation over it? Simple – use the included Remote Extender.

Connect it to this port and place the module out of the way.

Antenna, Satellite, VanSat

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