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Thunder 8 Stage Battery Charger 6 amp 12volt

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Fully Automatic Charging

Silent Operation, suitable for caravan and motor-home use, due to the lack of noise. Input Voltage: 240V Type: 8 Stage Pulse Approval: CE, EMC, SAA and C-TICK Safety Protection: Over charging, reverse polarity (flashing LED), Short circuit and over temperature Minimum Start Voltage: ≤0 Volts Operating Temperature: -15°C – 50°C Maximum Charging Current: 6 Amps Ideally Suited Battery Sizing: 10 - 100Ah

Product Description

Perfect for small, recreational and agricultural vehicles, this automatic battery charger is a sophisticated water-resistant, 8 stage charger, designed to charge most 12 volt GEL, AGM, Lead Acid and Calcium batteries. Suitable for 10 - 100Ah and 150Ah for maintenance, it features pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation, maintains electrolyte consistency and combats stratification in the battery, equating to longer battery life. Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank. Thunder chargers operate on an eight phase charging program, this allows for the identification of faulty batteries, preserves the life of your battery and ensures maximum charge. The charging process begins with the Thunder charger desulfating your battery, and performing testing to ascertain the battery’s condition. If the battery is determined to be faulty, charging will cease and the faulty battery light will illuminate. This is followed by a soft start, to ensure your empty battery isn’t flooded with charge and overloaded. The charger will then enter the bulk charge stage, completing the majority of the charge. The charger will then enter the final stages of absorption, analysis, boost, float and maintenance. This ensures the battery is completely full, whilst maintaining charge until you are ready to use the battery. All chargers have an LED readout, showing you which stage of the charging process is currently being completed. 12 Volt, 240 Volt Charging, AGM, Battery, Battery Charger, Car Accessories, Caravan Stuff, Lead Crystal, RV Gift Items, Thunder
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