Thetford N304 3-way manual gas 240 12volt fridge freezer

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Thetford N304 3-way manual fridge Ideal for replacing an older Dometic or electrolux fridge as the gas connection is located in the same place

General information

  • Compact model (93L gross capacity)
  • Piezo operation
  • AGA (The Australian Gas Association) approved to the latest Australian standards
  • Adjustable thermostat to respond to high ambient temperatures and varied use
  • Flame current meter monitors gas ignition
  • Easy-to-clean, durable white, powder-coated shelves
  • Includes one ice tray
  • Contemporary design with ergonomic controls and latch.


  • Easy to operate manual controls
  • Adjustable, removable shelves and door bins
  • Manual change over between gas and electric
  • Easy-reversible, self-latching door opens 150°
  • Ice tray


  • Three year warranty!
  • Rated for tropical conditions
  • No compressor, quiet as a whisper
  • High-quality cooling unit, first-class cooling performance
  • Easy-to-clean, durable shelves
  • Extensively tested
  • AGA approved to the latest Australia standards
Dimensions incl. depth door (h x w x d)     770 x 556 x 582 mm Enclosure cut-out dimensions (h x w x d)     756 x 521 x 543 mm Total gross capacity (approx.)     93 L Without freezer compartment (approx.)     82 L Freezer compartment (approx.)     11 L Colour     Black Ignition     Manual Energy Source Selection     Manual Usable power source     DC / AC / Gas Energy consumption. 12V/240V (Approx.)     2.7 kWh/24h Energy consumption gas (Approx.)     12 gr/h Door shape     Flat / Framed Door type hinging     Left or Right Size door panel (h x w)     659 x 511 mm Net. weight     28 Kg User manuals Spare Part List

Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the correct functioning of your Thetford refrigerator.


Tip! A good time to clean your refrigerator is straight after you have defrosted it. Clean the refrigerator with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Dust the refrigerator with a soft, moistened cloth. Use a brush or soft cloth once a year to remove any dust from the condenser at the inside of the refrigerator. Important! Do not use soap or aggressive detergents that are abrasive or soda-based. The removable interior components of the refrigerator are not dishwasher safe. Defrosting! Frost will gradually build up on the condenser of the refrigerator. You should defrost the refrigerator as soon as the frost layer is about 3 mm thick. Frost reduces the refrigerating capacity and life of your refrigerator. Remove the ice cube tray and all food. Switch off the refrigerator. Leave the refrigerator door open. Place dry towels in the refrigerator to absorb the water. Place trays containing hot water in the freezer compartment. After defrosting (when the freezer compartment and condenser are frost-free), remove the towels and the water trays and use a cloth to dry off the refrigerator. Switch the refrigerator on again. Important! Do not use force or sharp objects to remove frost. Do not try to accelerate defrosting by using a hairdryer for example. Door locking mechanism! If the door is not closed properly, frost will form in the refrigerator. Close the door with a piece of paper between the door and the refrigerator, to determine whether the door closes properly. Pull at the piece of paper. If you feel resistance, the refrigerator door closes properly. If you feel no resistance, the door does not close properly. Perform this test regularly on all four sides of the refrigerator door. If you find that the door does not close properly, check whether the door locking mechanism keeps the door properly shut. 3 way, 3 Way Fridges, Fridge, Small 3 Way Fridges - below 149 Litres, Thetford
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