Thetford Black Lower Fridge Vent for Electrolux Dometic Thetford 3 way Caravan Fridge

Standard size vent for smaller Thetford and Dometic 3 way fridges. Also ideal for venting 12 volt compressor fridges (2-way type)   Brand new black lower vent and frame, for smaller 3 way Caravan Fridges. Suitable for RM360, RM361, RM460, RM461, RM660, RM2300, RM2301, RM2310, RM2330, RM2350 RM4200, RM4211, RM210, RM212, RM36, RM5310 and many others.
Thetford N304, N404
Dimension for "cut out" 451mm x 156mm.
Overall dimension 483mm x 186mm x 42mm.
Open venting area of upper vent 328 cubic cm.
Lower Vent, Thetford, Vent, Vents, Vents for 3 Way fridges
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