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Satking Promax Fully Automatic Satellite Dish Antenna - Full Au Coverage

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Sat King Pro Max satellite antenna.

  • Fully automatic - using GPS technology.
  • Very small footprint - ideal for motorhomes with little room on the roof.
  • Suitable for Caravan use - full off road warranty.
  • Excellent support and back up from SatKing.
  • Proven Australia wide coverage.
  • Simple controller.
  • Complete installation package with all cabling included.
  • Our biggest selling satellite antenna.
  • 3 Year warranty

Easy To Use

Simply power on, press OK and the SatKing Promax will do the rest. Using latest advanced GPS technology you will be watching TV within 80 seconds

Flat Panel Design Offers Big Performance With Compact Size

Suits VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV, twin tuner STB’s like Foxtel IQ/Mystar and VAST twin tuner STB’s Requires much less space than other automatic satellite TV systems leaving you with more options for placement Out performs much larger dishes with latest flat panel antenna design

Automatic Fine Tuning

The SatKing ProMax even has automatically fine tune that can be selected after the satellite is found to provide even higher signal level. Simply press "OK".

Australia wide coverage of VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV

The SatKing ProMax has recently been upgraded to now cover the whole of Australia (excluding the tip of Cape York) for VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV. SatKing has provided a map to show the coverage area’s.

Full install service available

Flat Panel Design The SatKing ProMax Fully automatic motorised satellite TV dish system is the most advanced system on the Australian market, utilising the latest in flat panel antenna design. The flat panel design receives the signal through small copper slots that act like many antennas in one. The signal is fed through small chambers that actually increase the signal gain through this process. The antenna arrays are then mixed together via a combiner and fed into the high performance rear mounted LNB, resulting in greatly increased gain.
LNB skew automatically adjust Flat panel satellite antennas also take up a great deal less space on the roof of your van leaving you with more choices for the exact location that you place the ProMax on your roof.You will be able to place the ProMax in between solar panels and air conditioners and even position the unit directly above a cupboard to easily drop cables in. Flat panel satellite TV antennas offer higher signal gain than many larger oval offset oval type satellite TV dishes. The increased gain is also related to not having the large arm out the front of the dish that can easily become not accurately aligned as you bounce along the road resulting in reduced accuracy (less gain). The ProMax is also not effected by wind like the larger old style oval dishes that pixelate when the winds blows. The unit does also not need to be retracted in high winds like the large oval dishes.
automatically adjust The SatKing ProMax has 3 motors meaning the old days of having to manually get up on the roof of the van to adjust LNB skew (turning the LNB clockwise or anti clockwise) when you are travelling from say Melbourne across to Adelaide and then to Perth are gone. The complete head of the ProMax simply adjusts automatically for you. The precise automatic skew with this unit will also improve the signal quality in low signal areas.
built in GPS system Simple To Use The SatKing ProMax is very simple to use, simply turn the unit on, select the sateelite you wish the view and press "OK". The unit will then locate your position and set the elevation and skew angle automatically via the GPS and then locate the direction all within 80 seconds.
Built in GPS
Numerous Applications The ProMax has many other applications for satellite TV. The ProMax is used on mining and 4WD vehicles when overnight stays are required in remote areas so contractors can watch TV when work is finished for the day. There is also a ProMax currently being used on one of the new kidney buses that head to regional area's to give patients dialysis without heading to a major towns. More of these buses are being rolled out. The ProMax is also used in outback area's where it is not possible to get a satellite technician to attend due to distance, simply un-pack from the box plug into 12VDC and plug in your VAST receiver and watch TV in just minutes. Or you may simply be camping where there is no terrestrial TV, place the unit on the ground with a clear view to the north and power up, connect up your VAST STB and be watching satellite TV within minutes.
Dimensions: 520 x 600 x 275 mm Controller Dimensions: 175x175x43 mm Weight: 18.5kg Operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C
Satellite Searching Time
Searching time: 120 Seconds (Average) Azimuth: 390° Last position search time: 20 Seconds (Average)


Input Voltage: DC 12 or 24V auto selection Voltage Range: 10.5v – 30.0v Consumption: 40 Watts in search mode Consumption: 4 Watts in standby mode

Included in package:

  • 1 x Flat antenna
  • 1 x Vehicle roof mounting kit
  • 1 x Controller (Remote for Inside the Van)
  • 1 x DC power cable
  • 2 x LNB cables (Coaxial Cables)
  • 1 x Waterproof Cable Gland
  • 1 x Spanner
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 1 x Colour gift box
Are all the gears in the Pro Max metal?
Yes all the gears in the Pro Max are metal
Can i use both VAST and Foxtel at the same time?
Yes as the Pro Max has two outputs so you can run both at the same time
Does the Pro Max use much power?
The Pro Max uses very little power, once the unit has found the signal you can actually turn the unit off and use no power at all and still watch TV
Is the Pro Max desinged for Australian conditions?
The Promax has been specially designed for harsh Australian conditions. SatKing has specifically engineered the product here in Australia.
The Pro Max is not affected by wind
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