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National Luna 40Lt Freezer-Fridge (Stainless Steel)

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National Luna 40Lt Freezer/Fridge (S/Steel)

This unit can be used as either a Freezer or Fridge, and can maintain -18oC even in 43oC ambient.
The 60mm thick wall insulation and complete coverage wall and floor cooling plates ensure the lowest possible battery consumption, making this one of the models ideally suited as a permanent portable freezer or extreme duty fridge.
12/ 24v DC and 240v AC are all built in and the unit will automatically select to run on mains power whenever it is available - but revert to battery power if the mains go off.
A digital thermostat that can be set down to as low as minus 30oC ensures the unit maintains your desired temperature range without the need to adjust for hotter or colder weather.
Ripple stainless steel outer cabinet and smooth stainless steel internal lining for maximum durability and ease of cleaning.Four (4) baskets fitted as standard.
Part No: NLR40SModel: 40Lt National Luna - S'Steel
Battery Consumption:
2.5amp Average whilst Compressor is actually running. 1.53-2.26 amp/hour overall average.
Average amp/hour consumption is measured with a setting of -10oC in ambient temperatures of 32oC and 43oC respectively.
Minimum Temperature: -18°C at 43°C Ambient


  • 29 Kg


  • 515x635x420mm (HxWxD) Height with Lid Open 885mm


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Battery Usage Guide (PDF 63kb) Owners Manual (PDF 2.3mb)

Why Buy a National Luna?

Originally designed to meet World Health Organisation specifications for transporting medicines in harsh African conditions, National Luna fridges are now the preferred choice of safari operators, caterers, mining companies, travellers and 4WD'ers who desire commercial grade quality and serious performance with low battery consumption in demanding conditions.
What makes National Luna better?.... Performance is the answer! Performance in the form of a proven ability to refrigerate or freeze safely in very hot weather and to deliver this performance with the lowest possible power consumption, with reliability and a long life second to none. Food lasts longer and no matter what the climate, you will have a working fridge or freezer.

How is the Performance Achieved?

Three key design features help deliver the best refrigeration performance.... 1. Cooling platesthat also form the inner walls deliver cooling to all inner walls from top to bottom, ensuring consistent temperatures all around the cabinet and fast "pull-down" times. 2. Insulation density- all National Luna fridge/freezers use parallel internal walls and outer cabinets.... this is to allow a unique insulation injection process where the inner and outer walls are supported in a special jig (a bit like a wool-bale press), so that the foam can be injected at higher pressure thus a higher density. So, just like "pink batt insulation" where an R3.0 batt outperforms an R2.5 batt for a similar thickness, it is the density of insulation that gives the improved performance without wasting space. Wall thickneses range from 42mm to 60mm and we recommend for users wanting a full time Freezer, that you choose from our thick-wall range (40,55,65,72,80,110 and 125 Lt) or of course our 60 and 90 Twins which use thick-walls on the freezer side. 3. Door sealsmade the same as commercial fridges, with an air pocket that inflates and seals using the difference in air pressure between the cool inside and warm outside. No thin rubber strip seals in a National Luna! These key features combine with all the other National Luna design features and quality components to ensure the compressor can run for the shortest possible time which means low battery consumption and performance reserves for tough demands.
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