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Froli Parking Stopper Ramps - German Made

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Froli Accessory Parking Ramp For Caravans & Motorhomes

Froli Accessory Parking Ramp Set is supplied with two level ramps, which work in conjunction with the Froli Wheel Leveller (47064)

HEIGHT:      70mm WIDTH:        90mm LENGTH:     120mm Weight:      1.19kg
  • Black Accessory Parking Ramp Set
  • Set includes 2 Parking Ramps.
  • Perfect for caravans and motorhomes with the Froli Wheel Levellers which are capable of holding up to 8000kg total weight
  • Footprint 90mm x 120mm
See our other listings for Milenco Leveling ramps – Froli Ramps are made in Germany, you can feel the quality of the plastic. Froli, Levelling Ramps, Parking, ramps