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Froli Mini Round Wheel Level Ramp for Caravan RV - no longer available

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Levelling Ramp Tyre Saver for Caravan / Motorhome Round Wheel Leveller by Froli

Innovative Heavy Duty Round Levelling Ramp Suitable for Caravans and Motorhomes

  • Capacity of up to 1100Kg weight per wheel
  • Continuously adjustable height of up to 80mm
  • Provides tyres protection reducing the formation of flat spots during storage
  • Easy to handle weighing 1.1Kg each
  • Even weight distribution avoids the leveller from sliding away
  • Manufactured in Germany by "Froli"
  • For tyres of up to 70cm diameter
  • A minimum ground clearance of 21cm required

Pack includes Two (2) round wheel levellers. NOTE for Twin Axle Caravans: The distance between the two wheels needs to be at least 100mm for the thickest part of the ramp to fit in between. Check our other listings for Melinco Leveling Ramps - Froli made in Germany. They are a great ramp - they are easier to pull up on to as they roll and use their own leverage to raise the van. If you roll to far they follow the wheel around. Also when they are under the Tyre the van has less tendency to roll back down the ramp.

450-07002 FROLI Mini Round Wheel Leveller. 68298

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