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Froli Accessory Levelling Ramps for Caravan - German Made

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Froli Accessory Levelling Ramp For Caravans & Motorhomes

Froli Levelling Ramp Set is supplied with two level ramps, which work in conjunction with the Froli Wheel Leveller (47064)

This will extend the height of the Wheel Leveller from 105mm to 130mm. HEIGHT: 30mm WIDTH: 160mm LENGTH: 250mm Weight: 1.19kg
  • Black Levelling Ramp Set
  • Set of 2 Levelling Ramps.
  • To be clear these are an accessory to be used in conjunction with the Froli Leveller (47064) to make a additional height or larger flat surface to the Froli Ramp 47064 (they are not a ramp set to be used by themselves).
  • Perfect for caravans and motorhomes with the Froli Wheel Levellers which are capable of holding up to 8000kg total weight
  • Footprint 160mm x 250mm
See our other listings for Milenco Leveling ramps - Froli Ramps are made in Germany, you can feel the quality of the plastic. Accessory, Froli, level, Levelling, Levelling Ramps, ramps, wheel
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