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FridgeSwitch 12 VOLT 25 AMPS auto 3-way fridge on and off

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FridgeSwitch 12 VOLT 25 AMPS
  • No more flat batteries when the fridge is left on.
  • Only one auxiliary line needed.
  • Automatically turns your caravan fridge on and off.
  • Easy installation.
How Fridgeswitch works Fridgeswitch has an inbuilt electronic movement and vibration sensor which switches the 12 volt circuit of the caravan’s 3 way fridge ‘on’ when the vehicle is moving and turns the fridge ‘off’ when the vehicle stops. Fridgeswitch has a varying timing circuit which may keep the fridge turned on for up to 3 minutes after the vehicle has stopped. This is to keep the fridge turned on while you are stopped at traffic lights. The Fridgeswitch measures L100mm x W52mm x H30mm FS1 - FRIDGESWITCH fridge switch, fridgeswitch, r.v. electronics, 12 volt, fridge, battery saver, battery isolator, motion sensor, caravan fridge, fridge isolator. 12 Volt, 3 way, 3 Way Fridges, All other parts, battery isolator, battery saver, caravan fridge, Fridge, fridge isolator, fridge switch, fridgeswitch, motion sensor, Power Supply - Fridge, r.v. electronics, RV Electronics