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Freezer Door Spring Housings 3 Way RM2301 RM2350 Dometic Complete with springs

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Brand new Spring Housings (Complete set - left and right including springs) for Dometic Electrolux 3-way freezer door.

These hold the spring tension on your freezer door - this is the main reason 3 way fridge freezer doors fall down.

Suitable for RM4400, RM4401, RM360, RM361, RM460, RM461, RM2410, RM2300, RM2301, RM2310, RM2330, RM2350, RM2510, RM2453, RM2553, RM2554, RM2455, RM2555 and many others.

These are genuine Dometic spare parts - we have tried manufacturing these locally to reduce the pricing but they have all failed our testing.

These do not include the actual freezer door.

go to YouTube and search "Dometic - How to fit spring housings and freezer door" this shows our video clip on how to fit these parts.


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