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Exterior Recessed Shower Box White Caravan Camper Motorhome

Exterior Recessed Shower Box

The Exterior Shower box an be mounted on the exterior of your Caravan, Bus, Camper & Motorhome. It is perfect for those wanting convenient hot and cold running water when you need it! This Exterior Shower Box has many uses such as:
  • Tool Washing
  • Outdoor Showering
  • Cleaning Grills
  • Fish Cleaning
The durable hatches wont fade in the sun and are impact resistant. To ensure safety the Exterior Shower Box has a key lock. Includes a durable 1200mm hose and hot and cold taps. External Dimensions approx - Width 345mm Height 222mm Depth 95mm Hole size required approx Width 275mm x Height 150mm You are able to install this Shower Box either horizontally or vertically. This model can be installed on your motorhome, 5th wheel, camper or other RV either horizontally or vertically. Coast, Plumbing, Toilets and Showers
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