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Element Dometic - RM4401, RM4400, RM7401, RM8501 12v 130w

Brand new element for Electrolux or Dometic 3-way fridge. Suitable for RM4400, RM4401, RM7401 and RM8501. 12volt. 130watt. All work on appliances should be carried out by a suitably competent person. The genuine element is no longer manufactured by Dometic - they have made up a universal 12volt element that will fit new and old models. You will need to trim the cables off your old element to make this new one fit - nice and easy, here are the steps: Original element with long cables New short cable element - supplied with crimp on connectors (already fitted). old and new elements cut old element cables about 100mm from the element pull the grey sheath partially off and cut off about 100mm expose the cut cable ends trim the plastic and expose about 6mm of the copper join the old wires to the new element and crimp the connections firmly all ready to install back into the fridge. Happy traveling.   12 volt Element, 12 Volt Elements, 130watt, Dometic, Elements, Fridge, Fridge Parts, RM4400, RM4401, RM7401, RM8501