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Elecbrakes Portable Electric Brake Controller for Caravan - no wiring needed

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Elecbrakes Portable Electric Brake Controller

Connection adaptor is needed (order separately)

We personally use Elecbrakes in our vehicles as it means we do not need to wire a permanent system into the car - we just attach the unit to the van we are having to move and we have trailer brakes- so simply.

Elecbrakes is Australian owned, designed and manufactured.

**you need to also purchase a trailer plug adapter to suit your trailer and tow vehicle**

***there is also a remote available for in car use or you can use the app on a smart phone***

Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller redefining towing. We have completely eliminated the need to modify your tow vehicle. Now you can use any capable vehicle for towing your load.

Choose our Plug & Play model to be on the road in as little as 10 minutes. Our proportional brake controller automatically calibrates and activates the trailer brakes based on your driving for a seamless towing experience.

Use the wireless in-car remote to monitor and adjust settings while on the move.

Trailer Mounted Brake Controller

Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted solution that allows flexibility to tow your trailer with any capable tow vehicle.

Mounting to the draw bar and wiring into the trailer's loom, the Elecbrakes unit is powered via the trailer's electrical plug which is connected to the tow vehicle. Operating on both 12 and 24-volt systems, Elecbrakes is smart brake control technology.

Preset Braking Programs

A core advantage in the Elecbrakes system is the five independent braking programs.

The programs are displayed in the app settings page and can be set to suit load variation or a change in driving conditions.

These settings are then stored so that every time the operator connects the trailer, they simply select the program relevant to load and are ready to go.

In-Car Brake Controller Remote (available separately)

Elecbrakes can be adjusted using the specially designed remote-control unit - available separately. Connecting by the best in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the remote provides a multi-faceted in-car controller.

With a friendly interface the operator can apply the manual override, and, via the plus and minus buttons, increase and decrease brake response instantly on the trailers brakes.

Or you can use the smart phone app

Plug & Play - Ready in 10 Minutes

As well as the standard hard-wired option, Elecbrakes also comes in a Plug and Play version that gets you ready to go with a fully featured proportional electric brake controller installed on your trailer within 10 minutes.

This version of Elecbrakes requires a user specified adapter. available in all common combinations using flat 7 and 12 sockets and plugs and well as 7 pin round small and large combinations.

Electric Brakes Proportional Braking

Elecbrakes employs a high-speed microprocessor and various sensors which continuously sample the operating parameters over 1,000 times per second.

For communication, the device uses the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and a Bluetooth device that has long range capability ensuring high connection reliability and no dropouts under typical operating conditions.

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Dave Beaumont (Orewa, NZ)

Easy to install. Great product and associated app.