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Titan Flash Hitch 10inch Drop Adjustable 50mm 70mm Ball E Series

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FLASH™ E Series Ball Mount 10inch Very similar to and replaces the Andersen Adjustable Rapid Hitch.

Fastway® Flash™ E series ball mounts give you lightning-quick adjustments and stunning good looks. Each Flash ball mount is precision-machined in the Mountain West, making it stronger and longer lasting than other aluminum ball mounts.

If you are looking for a strong, reliable and attractive pin-style ball mount, look no further. The Fastway Flash E series ball mount is superior in strength and craftsmanship, and its hand polished aluminum outshines the competition with a gorgeous, mirror finish. From stunning good looks to fast and easy adjustments, you’ll be amazed every time you use it.

The Fastway® Flash™ E series is the best looking pin-style, ball mount you can buy. From stunning good looks to fast and easy adjustments, you’ll be amazed every time you use it. The lightning quick-adjustments will save you time and effort, and each Flash ball mount is precision machined in the Mountain West, making it stronger and longer-lasting than the competition.

The Fastway Flash E series is a great choice for towing multiple trailers. With adjustable heights and dual hitch balls, trailer change-overs are a snap. Its gorgeous design will make your truck look fantastic, and because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it will last for years.

  • Fast and easy adjustments, saving you time and effort
  • Polished aluminum, making your truck look its best
  • Precision machined for strength and durability
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for corrosion resistance and outstanding performance
  • Super strength alloy, for years of safe towing
Limited One Year Warranty
  • 10inch drop
  • 11inch rise
  • 50mm and 70mm ball
  • 450kg max tongue weight / 4,500kg max trailer weight
Keyed alike locking hitch pin and height adjustment pin pack included for peace of mind: E series Dual Lock Pack
  • Specially designed to fit the Flash E series™ ball mount.
  • Securely locks both the ball holder to the drop bar and the drop bar in the receiver- keeping your E series ball mount safe and secure.
  • High strength ball interlock for simple, smooth and secure locking.
  • Drill resistant barrel lock is an extra level of protection.
  • Cannot be false locked.
  • 1/4 turn lock and unlock is fast and easy.
  • Water tight dust cap and o-ring extend lock life by protecting it from dirt and water.
  • The E series dual lock pack is a faster, easier, and better way to securely lock both the ball holder to the drop bar and the drop bar in the receiver.

SELECTING THE PROPER BALL MOUNT DROP OR RISE FOR YOUR TRAILER For safe, comfortable trailer towing, the trailer should always be set up to tow as level as possible.

A level trailer puts less strain on the connection between the trailer and the hitch. This also allows the trailer to track true behind the vehicle. Trailer and vehicle heights vary so a correct rise or drop will be needed to level the trailer.

Determining the correct rise and drop needed for your vehicle can be determined by using the following simple steps.

1. MEASURE RECEIVER HEIGHT With the vehicle parked on level ground, measure the hitch height from the ground to the top of the receiver opening on the hitch.

2. MEASURE COUPLER HEIGHT Next, you will need to measure from the bottom of the trailer’s coupler to the ground. Make sure the trailer is on level ground and the trailer itself is level.

3. SUBTRACT THE DIFFERENCE Compute the difference between the receiver height and the coupler height. If the hitch height is greater than the coupler height, the difference is the drop that is required. If the coupler height is greater, then the difference is the rise that is required.

Select a fixed drop or adjustable ball mount with a rise or drop that is closest to the difference you come up with. For example, if the receiver hitch height is 26″ and the trailers coupler height is 20″. Then a 6” drop ball mount would be a perfect drop for this application.

Please account for some adjustment if air bags are not being used to prevent the truck from sinking a little when loaded.

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