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Complete Vent Set for 3 Way Fridge Dometic Caravan Fridge above 90 litres

LS300 Vents and Frames including Gas Flue Kit.

Absorption refrigerator Vent and Frame kit complete for legal installation to AS

Suitable for all Dometic 3 way fridges above 90 litres.
RM2453, RM2553, RM2555, RM4605, RM4601, RM7401, RM7851, RM8501, RM8505, RMD8551, RMD8555, RML8551, RM2455, RM4805.
This will allow the correct amount of ventilation for optimal performance for larger 3 way fridges
Size of each vent:
Width 490mm
Hieght 249mm

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