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Autoterm Diesel Air Heater 24volt 2Kw with Rotary Controller

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AUTOTERM 2D - with Full Install Kit for One Outlet

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To ensure the best quality possible, we test our heaters in 2 stages:

  1. All heaters pass the cold test to check their Electrical resistance and ensure that every internal component is fully operational.
  2. Secondly, each heater is tested in real-life Environments for 30 minutes to measure the temperature of the generated airflow and the temperature and CO2 amount from emissions to ensure that every heater works according to guidelines.


  • Works on diesel fuel
  • Maximum heating power of 2 kW for 24V model
  • Can heat up to 75 m3 with hot air in one hour
  • Used to heat small size space
  • Reliable operation in low temperatures (up to -45°C/-49°F)
  • Low noise level, low fuel consumption (Max – 0,24 l/h), implemented self-diagnostic
  • Can be operated with control panel or via smartphone with additional modem
  • Best suited for small truck cabins, commercial vehicle cabins or cargo compartments, small campers, off-highway vehicles, boats (up to 33 feet/10 m long), small greenhouses and Tiny houses.

The AUTOTERM 2D is the most compact heater model in the product line. The AUTOTERM 2D heater is intended for use in any kind of means of land transport (for example, low truck cabs, commercial vehicle cabs or cargo compartment), as well as on boats (up to 33 feet/10 m long) and on the premises.

Capacity of the air heater AUTOTERM 2D is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW, and it is capable to heat up 75 m3 of air hourly, furthermore, maintaining excellent economy and consuming between 0.1 l and 0.24 l diesel per hour.

The main advantages of AUTOTERM heaters are stable operation at very low temperatures, inductive (brushless) electric motors designed for uninterrupted operation for 12,000 hours, as well as low fuel consumption and reasonable price. Our heaters have proved their excellent quality, working in aggressive environments, such as, for example, the marine environment and careers.

Our heaters have a single European guarantee and civil liability is insured. Heater AUTOTERM 2D may be controlled both by the standard control panel (PU-5) and standard alarm system (provided there is a free control channel), as well as by modem (available separately), supporting control via call/sms, and by a smartphone application, which is available both in the operating system Android, and IOS (application Autoterm Control).

Just like all the other Autoterm heaters, the heater AUTOTERM 2D is also delivered with full assembly set including: air supply pipe with 80 cm long silencer, silencer of exhaust gases, 1 m long discharge pipe of exhaust gases with 30 cm long insulation, 5.5 meters long polyamide fuel pipe, fuel collector in the fuel tank, digital control panel (PU-5), cables, rings, bolts etc.

Autoterm offered AUTOTERM Air series air heaters are independent, diesel powered heating systems that can be easily and conveniently installed or retrofitted in your vehicle. The heater unit is supplied with fresh air from outside or well ventilated air from the room, which is taken through an air intake pipe to the internal combustion chamber. The received air is then mixed with the fuel, which is delivered through a metering fuel pump, and the air-fuel mixture is formed. This mixture is then ignited by a glow plug, which initiates the burning process to heat up the heat exchanger. Air is then drawn from the air inlet with a fan and passed through heat exchangers and the radiator fins. Finally, the heated air is pushed through the hot air outlet. AUTOTERM Air series air heaters are excellent products for spaces which need to be heated quickly, or where there is no built in central heating system. For example: campers, boats, cabins. Etc. All heaters are equipped with built in fail-safe systems and sensors. The self-diagnostic system will automatically shut down the heater if it encounters any errors (such as battery drain, over-heating of the heater, low fuel level, air pump malfunction, or flame failure) and is thus a completely safe product. All AUTOTERM Air series heaters are equipped with brushless induction motors that ensure low noise levels as well as a long lifetime for your device, and the capability to operate in extreme environments as low as -45°C/-49°F. AUTOTERM Air series heaters can be controlled with various control panels or remotely via your iOS or Android smartphone (remote control modem sold separately).
Air heater AUTOTERM-2D-12-TM-3995 Modes
Technical characteristics High Low
Heat power, kW 2,0 0,8
Fuel consumption, l/h 0,24 0,1
Rated power consumption, W 29 10
Heated air volume, m3/h 75 34
Fuel Diesel Fuel, Alpine Diesel Fuel
Rated voltage, V 24
Control mode Manual, standard remote control, modem
Weight, kg 6
Full Install Kit includes: Heater and Controller, Fuel Pump and 6m Cable, Power Cable with Fuses 6.5m, Controller Cable 1.8m. Air Intake Hose 65cm and Air Intake Silencer 18cm, Fuel Pump Rubber Holder, Supporting Brackets, Mounting Base Plate, Clamps and Screws, Muffler with Mounting Kit, Fuel Hose 10m, Spiral Wound Exhaust Pipe 1m, Heat Insulation 45cm, Fuel Standpipe 68cm, Air Intake grill, Heater Vent, Heater Ducting 1.2m. Manual's 12 Volt, 2-2.5kw Heater, 2Kw, Autoterm, Complete Kits - Diesel, Diesel, Diesel Air Heater, Diesel Heater, Planar
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