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Autophix 9150 OBD2Professional Diagnostic tool

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AutoPhix 9150 for FORD + OBDII Professional Diagnostic Tool
    • Compatible Ford Diagnostic scanner
    • Full Function Diagnostics
    • Service Reset
    • Read and Clear Error Codes
    • Multi brand Universal Scanner
    • Free Software Upgrades
    • Handy Tool Case
    • Refer Feature and Function chart
Please Note: OBD2 Vehicle Guidelines

• Vehicles sold in Australia and New Zealand 2006 and Newer
• Works on all 1996 and newer sold in North America - (cars, minivans, suv’s, and light trucks both foreign and domestic)
• Vehicles sold in Europe: 2001 and Newer for petrol vehicles, 2004 and Newer for diesel
• Vehicles sold in other countries check vehicles manual to ensure OBD2 Compliance

Discover the Autophix OBDII Scanner: Your Ultimate Travel Companion on Australian Roads

Embark on your Australian adventure with confidence, thanks to the Autophix OBDII Scanner. Ideal for a diverse range of travelers and vehicle owners, this scanner is a must-have tool for diagnosing and managing car health. Perfect for:

  • Travelers exploring Australia's vast landscapes
  • Enthusiasts of caravanning and remote area travel
  • 4x4 enthusiasts seeking off-road adventures
  • Fleet owners, hire companies, and taxi operators aiming for efficient fleet management
  • Sales representatives on the move
  • DIY home mechanics and car enthusiasts
  • Essentially, any car owner who values peace of mind

What Does the Autophix OBD2 Scanner Offer?

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Autophix OBD2 Scanner is designed to interface seamlessly with most vehicles manufactured post-2006/2007 in Australia. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive ECU protocol scanning
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities for quick issue identification
  • Error code lookup with live library options in select models
  • Ability to clear codes, ensuring continuous mobility
  • Universal models compatible with all car brands
  • Enhanced diagnostic reporting for specific car brands

Benefits of Owning an Autophix OBD2 Scanner

The Autophix OBD2 Scanner is more than just a tool; it's your safeguard against unexpected vehicle issues. Benefits include:

  • Acting as a mechanical insurance policy to keep you on the road
  • Clearing error codes that trigger engine lights and LIMP modes
  • Enabling continued travel to professional repairers when needed
  • Helping avoid costly remote towing and mechanical repairs
  • Enhancing your understanding of your vehicle's health and performance

Empowering Car Owners with Diagnostic Tools

In today's technologically advanced vehicles, understanding the root cause of issues is crucial. The Autophix OBD2 Scanner empowers car owners to diagnose and address problems efficiently, saving time and money. This tool is essential for:

  • Identifying engine misfires, emissions issues, and other critical system errors
  • Providing live data tracking, graphical representations, and fault code readings
  • Offering troubleshooting advice and distress code definitions

Autophix Australia stands as a leader in OBD2 car scanner technology, offering a range of models to suit every need, from DIY enthusiasts to professional workshops.

Using the Autophix OBD2 Scanner: A Step-by-Step Guide

Operating the Autophix OBD2 Scanner is straightforward:

  1. Locate and connect to your car's OBD port
  2. Turn the ignition to auxiliary and activate the scanner
  3. Enter your vehicle's VIN if required
  4. Allow the scanner to read and display error codes
  5. Consult the built-in knowledge base for further information
  6. Clear trouble codes post-repair to reset the system

Product Spotlight: 9150 FORD + OBDII Professional Diagnostic Tool

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Ford diagnostics
  • Multi-brand universal scanner capabilities
  • Free software upgrades for up-to-date functionality
  • Convenient and portable with a handy tool case
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