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Andersen Ultimate Trailer Gear kit - leveling ramps

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With the popular Ultimate Trailer Gear duffel bag you now have all the gear you need to...
  • Level your RV or trailer precisely –on the FIRST try!
  • Change a flat tire (multi-axle or dually vehicles)
  • Keep stabilizer legs from sinking
  • Keep 90% of the dirt OUTSIDE your RV or Trailer
  • Chock your wheels
  • Saving Time and Money!
Each Ultimate Trailer Gear kit includes the following: 2 x Camper Levelers with 2 TUFF Chocks 1 x Rapid Jack with 1 Rubber Pad 1 x Clean Step 4 x TUFF Pads 2 x Extra TUFF Chocks 1 x Sturdy Carry Bag with handles Made in the USA 3-yr Limited Warranty Andersen, Anderson Products, level, Leveling Ramps, leveller, Levelling, Levelling Ramps, levels, ramps, RV Gift Items