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Ammeter 20amp Analogue with internal shunt

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Analogue ammeter with internal shunt 20amp

Analogue ammeter with 0 - 20 amps in 1 amp increments. Suitable for use with solar panel or battery charger installations. Recessed mounting in injection moulded plastic, Contour 1000 frame provides for simple modular installation with other 1000 series panels in horizontal or vertical configuration. Overall size: 108 x 108mm Cut out: 60m x 60mm Intrusion: 40mm Protrusion: 16mm 20amp max current Perfect for home solar, 4wd, Caravan, Motorhome and RV. 12 Volt, 12v Plugs and Sockets, 12volt, Battery, Battery Charger, BEP, Car Accessories, Dual Battery, Guage, Misc Solar Items, Solar
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