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7 Pin Trailer Socket for Round Cable

7 Pin Trailer Socket for Round Cable

These are the large style used as standard in Victoria. Queensland uses a smaller socket. We find the plastic sockets sometimes are more durable than the alloy ones after they have been accidentally dragged down the road. Comes with a handle to help secure the trailer cable. There are 2 wiring diagrams in use: 1  left hand turn -  yellow 2  reverse  -  black 3  earth  -  white 4  right hand turn  -   green 5  electric brakes  -  blue 6  stop  -  red 7  tail, clearance, side markers  -  brown or 1  earth  -  white 2  left hand rear , clearance and marker  -  black 3  left hand turn -  yellow 4  stop  -  red 5  right hand turn  -   green 6  right hand rear , clearance and marker   -  brown 7  reverse/auxilary  -  blue 12 Volt, 12v Plugs and Sockets, Australian RV, Brake Systems