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Circuit Breaker keeps tripping when i plug into my house

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Circuit Breaker keeps tripping when i plug into my house Everything Caravans


The most common cause of a Caravan tripping circuit breakers is a failed element - either in the 3 way fridge 240volt element or your Hot Water Element.

A problem we see a lot is your house circuit is overloaded - this we see quite often when the van is plugged into a particular circuit of plugs. So when the house fuse blows, leave it and search for as plug circuit that is still working - then plug the van into that circuit and see if it blows that circuit. Houses tend to have too many plugs available on each circuit then we plug computers and heaters in - then when you plug the caravan in it blows the circuit.

You should also use one of these to legally plug into your home and to help prevent this type of issue:

Ampfibian Mini 15A to 10A Adaptor

If none of the above solves the problem then it is the caravan with an issue. This is harder as there can be many points of failure. Firstly has anything been added to the van i.e. anything where a screw has been screwed in to the van creating a short circuit.

Does the house blow even if the van circuit breaker is switch to off? i.e. is it the inlet socket coming into the van or the circuit breaker. If that is okay, then unplug every power-point in the van and then add each one in again to see if a particular appliance is causing the problem - make sure you unplug the fridge socket as the fridge and HWS elements are the 2 most common failures causing fuses to blow.

To test Powerpoints we use one of these:

240volt Earth Leakage Detection Tester for RCD and PowerPoints

After that you have eliminated all the above - then it is time to call an Electrician or give us a call to book your van in.