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Shingled Solar Panels Explanation

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Shingled Solar Panels Explanation Everything Caravans

Namib150 Teflon and 240 Teflon Shingled Solar Panels

New Namib150 Teflon and 240 Teflon Shingled Solar Panels

Product Highlights

  • Highly efficient shingled solar cell technology
  • Durable Teflon encapsulation for superior cell protection
  • Compact and foldable design for easy storage and transport
  • Reduces power losses from partial shading
  • Advanced performance, dependability, and aesthetics

Product Description

The recently launched versions of the Namib-150W Teflon and Namib-240W Teflon foldable solar panels incorporate cutting-edge shingled solar cell technology and robust Teflon encapsulation for unmatched performance and protection.

What are shingled solar cells?

Shingled solar cells are precision laser-cut into strips and arranged in groups, resembling the layout of shingles on a roof.

Benefits of Shingled Solar Cell Technology

Shingled solar cell technology offers a range of advantages:

  • High-wattage panels covering less roof space than regular solar panels
  • Outstanding performance, dependability, and aesthetics
  • Smaller, more portable solar panels for easier storage and transport
  • Significantly reduced power losses from partial shading

Unlike traditional solar panels, where cells are wired in series, shingled cells are connected in parallel, minimizing losses caused by partial shading. This is particularly important in camping scenarios where shading from surrounding objects can affect power production.

The Namib150W Teflon and Namib-240W Teflon with shingled cell technology optimize solar yield by mitigating losses from partial shading, making them an ideal choice for outdoor adventures.