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Keeping Food Hot with Autoterm Diesel Heater

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Keeping Food Hot with Autoterm Diesel Heater Everything Caravans

This was a project for our good friends at the www.sikhvolunteersaustralia.org

They had been given a free van and we created a food warmer and hotwater system for them.

Using a Autoterm Diesel Water Heater. Super compact heater tucked out of the way - heating the food contents to 70 degrees.

food warmer

this is the food warmer all closed up

Rear view showing the Novakool fridge

rear of the van showing the new 12volt fridge freezer, on board water storage and cleanup station.

novakool fridge


 water pump

water pump for fresh and hot water

CMS power inlet

CMS Mains power inlet and circuit breakers

lockable water filler

lockable water filler

rear of the food warmer

 rear of the food warmer, showing lithium battery, fan unit and heater.

fan matrix

Fan Matrix

solar king lithium battery

Lithium battery

victron dc dc charger

DC DC charger

victron bmv-712

Battery monitor and Autoterm Digital control