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Off-road Camper Trailer with Truma Gas Heater

Our customer desired heating in there offroad camper. They wished to only carry gas on board and so we fitted a Truma E2400 Gas Heater.





Due to the location of the exhuast and the possiblity of burnt gases coming into the camper – we fitted a safety switch, to keep it safe and complaint.








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Truma E2400 Gas Heater into Offroad Caravan

Nice tidy example of one of our installs into a Caravan of a Gas Heater.



We were trying to maximise the storage space and so kept the heater to the far right of the bed


Close up the the installed heater.


Then we “boxed” the heater in, so all the available storage could be used with no chance of damage to the heater.


Great result and happy, warm customer off to the colder climes.