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Off-road Camper Trailer with Truma Gas Heater

Our customer desired heating in there offroad camper. They wished to only carry gas on board and so we fitted a Truma E2400 Gas Heater.





Due to the location of the exhuast and the possiblity of burnt gases coming into the camper – we fitted a safety switch, to keep it safe and complaint.








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Ultimate Campers Offroad camper – upgrade

Earlier Ultimate brand campers have a 3-way fridge fitted to them as standard.

Unfortunately it gives disappointing performance due to its location and not being a tropically rate fridge.

These are a clever little camper – with a few upgrades an older one is a great buy.

We recommend changing out the RM2350 3 way fridge with a CRX-110 12 volt compressor fridge.

This means an upgrade to the battery storage. We normally fit 2 x 110amp batteries, a decent size 240volt charger and DC/DC charging system to charge the AGM batteries whilst you are driving.

We also usually add in an Anderson connector so you can utilise your portable solar.

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Air-conditioning for a Jayco Swan

A lot of people are after airconditioning for there camper trailer – here is another example of aircon being fitted to a Jayco Camper Trailer.

Jayco Swan can take around 70kgs of weight on their roof. So a wind up camper trailer can have aircon.

We chose the Truma Aventa Comfort aircon due to its capacity, air volume, quietness of operation and the weight, the Aventa aircon is only 33kgs. so this leaves room for adding solar panels to your camper trailer.





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TrackTrailer Tvan Camper aircon install

Offroad camper needed aircon to keep the children cool at night – very tight on space.

Working to satisfy this customers requirements we chose to install the Truma Saphir underbunk style aircon. This aircon exchanges heat throught the floor, so we needed to ensure we could keep the Tvan sealed when crossing rivers.

We used Scupper vents and careful placement to achieve a fantastic result.