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Waeco PerfectPower W8 Battery Charger 12amp 240v to 12volt

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WAECO AC-MBC-1200A Battery Charger

A PerfectCharge battery charger will take you smoothly into and through the season. Moreover, it helps to get the 12 volt battery of your motor cycle, motorhome or boat running in the meantime! Traditional, Robust, Simple, Reliable battery charger. Supply Voltage: 240 volts AC Charging Voltage: 14 volts Battery Voltage: 12 volts DC Charging Current: 12 amps max. 8 amps continuous Charging Indicator: Green LED Ammeter: 0 to 8 amps Auto cut-out 12 Volt, 240 Volt, 240 Volt Charging, Dometic, Misc Solar Items, Waeco