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SR Mecatronic Automatic GPS Satellite Dish Antenna - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

This product is on order with our supplier (if no add to cart button is available, then we are not confident of the suppliers delivery date)

Please note we no longer sell nor can recommend SR mecatronic satellite antennas.

The Italian manufacturer and their distribution partner Apollo Entertainment have "washed there hands" of any support for the product and our company in Australia.

We have plenty of stock but unfortunately it will not work correctly and after many tens of thousands of dollars spent by us to rectify and repair SR mecatronic antennas, they will no longer help us defray our costs, nor take back the non working stock, nor help customers in the field. It is very much a buyer beware situation when you deal with these companies.

It is our recommendation to not purchase SR Mecatronic, Ma-ve or any product associated with these companies.

These people have been into my home and yet they will not help our consumers or our company - you make your own judgement of what type of people they are. I am simply appalled. However we stock and install numerous other brands that do care about the customer and consumer - a hard lessen to learn and expensive - we have spent thousands of dollars of our own money making sure product we have sold is working ore we have replaced complete units out of our own pocket. **We have just completed a complete trip around Australia - testing - improving and making sure your investment will work as you will expect** ??? Outback Tested SR Mecatronic automatic satellite systems are completely designed and produced in Italy, are very easy to install and guarantee faultless operation with a failure rate below 1% within the warranty period of 3 years. The mechanism of our antennas is extremely robust and is made of a very strong and durable aluminum structure (protected with a special layer of powder coating), giving the antenna a very precise and reliable operation. The gears, operated by powerful motors, are made of bronze and steel and designed with utmost precision to guarantee a long and maintenance-free life whilst making the antenna extremely reliable. This ensures no rust or corrosion in the gears. Because of the elegant design, the use of the most advanced hardware and software technologies SR Mecatronic has become the market leader in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our automatic satellite systems are among the most technologically advanced available on the market and always use a DVB-S2 tuner (Full HD) for viewing all the DVB-S2/MPEG-4/FULL HD signals, offering a much better signal quality and assuring our customers that they will not have to change the position when, in the near future, all satellites will be using DVB-S2 technology. Because of the better quality of this DVB-S2 technology, the antenna more easily finds the optimal satellite signal of the different satellite positions (even in difficult areas).



  • 85cm Tryax satellite dish for the highest gain possible
  • 170mm high when closed
  • 1 touch operation
  • D for automatic closing when ignition turned on
  • Able to lift 10Kg of snow in winter
  • Offset antenna (80cm)
  • Dual LNB with noise figure 0.1dbmax
  • Fully automatic search system via NID
  • Power Supply : 12V (-20%/ 30%)
  • Power consumption: Search : max. 4A, Standby: >5mA
  • Fuse : 5A
  • Weight: 10.9 Kg
  • Dimensions closed : H170mm x W800mm x L850mm
The Mecatronic ASR800 flat SKEW has been designed and manufactured to provide a high quality fully automatic satellite system to the motorhome, caravan and horse truck markets throughout Australia. Featuring an automatic SKEW adjustment and an integrated, intelligent, GPS module to automatically calculate the inclination of the unit making the ASR800 one of the fastest fully automatic deploy and track satellite systems available.
The large 850mm reflector dish that means when raised, its physical area provides the best possible reception in most areas throughout Australia. Refer to the LyngSat Australian overlay and corresponding minimum satellite dish diameters listed. Housed within the protective base is the GPS antenna with full time power. Designed to provide accurate GPS positioning every two minutes whilst travelling, the GPS ensures the ASR800 continually updates the vehicle’s geographical position which in turn creates fast lock on time once raised at a destination. Additionally, the geographical positional information guarantees the antenna its correct elevation and LNB skew for a quick 60 second lock on time to the Optus D3 satellite. Supplied complete with aluminium mount plate and stainless steel screws to provide a strong attachment point for the epoxy coated satellite dish and electronics, one touch control box, cables and instructions. An optional control panel 119620 is also available featuring single push button operation with LED display which conveys any fault information if detected. Features: • 850mm antenna, 46dbW EIRP • 12 volt DC, maximum 4A current draw while searching • Less than 5mA in standby mode • Automatic 60 second satellite positional search • Integrated intelligent GPS-module with automatic position memory • Automatic inclination detection and offset up to 30° • One touch control box activates satellite search • Optional LED display • Positioner equipped with DVB-S2 tuner • Low power consumption • Safety automatic dish closure at engine start-up • Low weight and low folded height • Control panel indicates system faults, including insufficient signal, satellite not found, disrupted or disconnected coax cable and insufficient power supply • Made in Italy • 3 year warranty ?? review: Apollo Entertainment, SR Mecatronic, Mave, Ma-ve, Kiwisat, Kiwi-sat.
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