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RV Electronics LED Black Double Tank Water Level Indicator with 2.5 and 5m sender probe

RV LED Black Double Tank Water Level Indicator

With 1 x 2.5m and 1 x 5m sender probe

With one push of the test button you are able to monitor the water levels of your two tanks!

There is no need to wire in a 12 volt supply as the top indicator gauge comes complete with its own battery, which is easily replaced when the need arises.

The water gauge measures only H65mm x W65mm x D16mm so it is small enough to fit any application

  • Suitable for Plastic and Metal Tanks.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Fits Existing Water Tanks
  • Battery Included
  • Suitable for Caravans, Boats & Camper Trailers.

H65mm x W65mm x D16mm. This easy to fit tank sender probe only requires one 22mm (7/8") hole in the side of the tank and suits tanks from 100mm to 280mm (4" to10") deep.

The sender probe is sealed by a special grommet which is compressed in the hole when the nut is tightened and measures the water level by contact with the 5 sensors along the arm. It has no moving parts.   

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