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OUTBACK TV POP UP RV-85A Auto Satellite Dish

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Fully Automatic Positional Satellite TV Antennas - Australia Wide Coverage with 85cm Antenna - Outback TV is an Australian developed "Pop Up" Recreational Vehicle Satellite TV Antenna. When not in use the antenna folds down, and when needed it will pop up and lock onto the correct Satellite. Suitable for both Australia and New Zealand, with fill coverage of all of Australia. Single Button Control. Features include: Real 3-Axis Fully Automatic Control System, including Auto Skew LNB Built in 24 channel GPS for faster satellite lock Supports Manual Control Auto Shut down and storing of Antenna on Vehicle Start up
  • One-Button Auto Pointing Controller, acquires Satellite within 2 minutes
  • Full user interface and diagnostics
  • DISEqC 1.2 Function Available (Automatic Satellite Switching)
  • One -Button Change Target Satellite
  • Water Resistant Flat Surface, Sealed Onboard Electronics
  • Heady Duty Feed Arm, Strong all Metal Gearbox
  • Built-in DVB Signal Identification
  • Built-inGlobal Satellite Library
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Upgradeable Firmware
Outback, Satellite
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