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Dometic B2200 Rooftop Poptop Caravan Aircon ex-Display

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Dometic B2200 Rooftop Aircon Lightweight aircon suitable for camper trailer or poptop caravan. This is a display model from our showroom. the FreshJet 2200 supersedes it.
  • The air distribution box features 12 volt LED mood lighting and allows you to direct the airflow forwards, backwards or both at the same time.
  • Four fan speeds for optimal air distribution.
  • Aerodynamic, modern design with ultra low profile.
  • Will operate on most premium brand inverter type generators of 2000 watts and above.
  • Suited for vans up to 5m (external).
  • Suitable for pop top caravans.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Light Weight.
  • Nationwide Dometic Warranty.
Comfortable adjustment of fan speed with remote control Electronic temperature control for roofs from 30 to 80 mm thickness Tilt-insensitive up to 10 degrees. Roof Opening:     400mm x 400mm Roof Top:             Length 980mm, Width 650mm, Height 235mm Weight:                Approx  34kg Nominal Cooling Capacity:                               Approx 2.05KW Heating Capacity:                                               Approx 1.2KW Voltage:                                                                240volts Current Consumption Cooling/Heating:      3.8-5A 400mm Roof Opening, Air Conditioners, Aircon, B2200, Dometic