Bushman XD 70 3-way Fridge or Freezer

Going camping and need to take frozen or refrigerated food?

Then freeze or refrigerate on the 240 V supply at home to get  everything chilled, then load it into you car and either have it running on 12 V or leave it turned off. With over 3 inch thick walls you will find it looses very little temperature over a long period of time. When you arrive at your camp spot simply choose a level area to put your fridge and hook it up to your gas bottle. With a  very low gas consumption of only 285g/24hrs it allows for prolonged running times, in fact a 9 Kg bottle will last around 3-4 weeks! For extended travel times you can operate on your vehicles 12 V supply, be sure that the 12 V wiring is capable of handling a current draw of 12.5 Amp as this absorption type refrigeration system varies considerably from the compressor type. * Piezo ignition * Sturdy carry handles * Removable basket * Recessed controls to avoid accidental movement *61 Litre storage area *Gas/240V/12V Chest Type Fridge/Freezer *Height: 685-mm Width: 655-mm Depth: 515-mm *Weight: 37-kg   3 way, 3 Way Fridges, 3 Way Portable Fridges, Bushman, Fridge/Freezer, Gas Fridges - 3 Way
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