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12 Volt 200 amp AGM Deep Cycle battery for caravan solar motorhome off grid

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200Ah Deep Cycle AGM maintenance free 12volt batteries suitable for caravan, motor-home, camper-trailer, RV, horse float, holiday house, off grid home and all solar installations. These batteries retail for over $800 and are a very high performance deep cycle SLA AGM battery. These batteries are approx 5 years old have been kept on a constant float charge. When these batteries have been maintained properly these batteries will last up for at least 10 years. All these batteries are from a recently decommissioned Telco site. Each battery was individually monitored during its use, this ensures correct charging and maintenance. We expect you to have a usable life of at least 5 years. We have randomly tested these batteries with a complete discharge test - this is to determine the quality of the batteries. Drawing 20amps running the battery down to 9volts we had a run time of 517 minutes (drawing down 172 amp hour). Our criteria for these batteries to be working at 100% capacity was a run time of 450-480 minutes- so we where very pleased with the results. As shown in the photo the batteries that have not been kept on charge since the site decommision (over 3 months ago) are still holding 12.8 volts, this is less than a 1% drop in the 3 months (spec for AGM is up to 3% per month), a rested (ie not on float charge) fully charged battery has a holding voltage of 12.9volts. All batteries have been load tested and will be supplied fully charged and load tested before delivery. We want you to happy and offer full refunds if you are not happy in any way. We can load test for you when you pick up. AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are fast to charge and can be used in any orientation (see the bottom of this description for an in-depth explanation of AGM). You will need to ensure you have a correct charger to ensure you will have the longest life from your batteries (check with us and we can advise if your charger will be suitable). To extend the life of AGM batteries is best not to discharge below 50% of the capacity (approx 12 volts). Manufacturers Description The new VISION HF series batteries are specially designed for applications that require high power output. By optimum design of battery grids and plate paste formula, the HF series can deliver up to 40% more power than VISION standard series. Features and Benefits  
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding.
  •  Lower internal Resistance
  •  Positive and negative plates in lead-calcium tin alloy
  •  Superior energy density and very high power output
  • Operates at a low internal pressure
  • Gas Recombination
  • Lead calcium grids for extended life
  • Design life: 10 years
General Features  
  • High Reliability and Good Quality
  • High Power Density
  • Long Service Life, in Float and Cyclic
  • International Standard, JIS and DIN
  • Thick pasted plates with high quality
  • lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Computer designed lead, calcium tin alloy grid for high power density.
  • Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • Low self discharge.
Length 522mm Width 238mm Height 218mm Total Height 223mm Approx. Weight 67Kg Nominal Voltage 12V Number of cell 6 Nominal Capacity 25c 10 min wattage @1.6V 890W/cell Nominal Capacity 25c 10 hour rate (20.0A, 10.8V) 200Ah Internal Resistance: Fully Charged battery 25c 3.0mOhms Self-Discharge: 3% of capacity declined per month at 20c(average) Operating Temperature Range: Discharge -20~60c Charge -10~60c Storage -20~60c Max. Discharge Current 25c 1300A(5s) Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 25c Cycle use 2.40-2.45VPC Maximum charging current 60A Temperature compensation -30mV/oC Standby use 2.20-2.30VPC Temperature compensation -20mV/oC AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat AGM technology was developed as a sealed lead acid battery for military aircraft, vehicles and UPS to reduce weight and improve reliability. The acid is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof. This enables shipment without hazardous material restrictions. AGM has very low internal resistance, is capable to deliver high currents on demand and offers a relatively long service life, even when deep-cycled. AGM is maintenance free, provides good electrical reliability and is lighter than the flooded lead acid type. It stands up well to low temperatures and has a low self-discharge. The leading advantages of AGM are a charge that is up to five times faster than the flooded version, and the ability to deep cycle. AGM offers a depth-of-discharge of 80 percent; the flooded, on the other hand, is specified at 50 percent DoD (depth of discharge) to attain the same cycle life.  The negatives are slightly lower specific energy and higher manufacturing costs that the flooded. AGM batteries are commonly built to size and are found in high-end vehicles to run power-hungry accessories such as heated seats, steering wheels, mirrors and wind-shields. NASCAR and other auto racing leagues choose AGM products because they are vibration resistant. AGM is the preferred battery for up scale motorcycles. Being sealed, AGM reduces acid spilling in an accident, lowers the weight for the same performance and allows installation at odd angles. Because of good performance at cold temperatures, AGM batteries are also used for marine, motor home and robotic applications. AGM is also making inroads into the start-stop function of cars. The classic flooded type is simply not robust enough and on repeated cycling causes a sharp capacity fade after two years of use. As with all gelled and sealed units, AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging. These batteries can be charged to 2.40V/cell (and higher) without problem; however, the float charge should be reduced to between 2.25 and 2.30V/cell (summer temperatures may require lower voltages). Automotive charging systems for flooded lead acid often have a fixed float voltage setting of 14.40V (2.40V/cell), and a direct replacement with a sealed unit could spell trouble by exposing the battery to undue overcharge on a long drive. A proper AGM compatible 240volt charger should be used to charge from mains power. AGM and other sealed batteries do not like heat and should be installed away from the engine compartment. Manufacturers recommend halting charge if the battery core reaches 49c. While regular lead acid batteries need a topping charge every six months to prevent the build-up of sulfation, AGM batteries are less prone to this and can sit in storage for longer before a charge becomes necessary. About Us Caravan Refrigeration Services has been operating for over 40 years, we specialise in Sales, Supply, Repair and installation of all appliances and accessories into Caravans and motor homes. We install complete solar systems, satellite TV setups, heating and cooling systems to name a few. We can help you with all facets of your RV experience. Buy with confidence. Shipment can be arranged at your expense - pick up preferred. Pick up address: Caravan Refrigeration Services 24 Eileen Rd Clayton South Melbourne Opening hours: 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday Delivery for these if we arrange shipping, must be to a business address, it will cost approx 3 times extra to courier to a residential address - we can not ship to PO box at all (due to weight).   12 Volt, 12volt, AGM, Battery, Deep Cycle, Misc, Misc Solar Items