Froli day without ideas for intelligent plastic solutions? Not at Froli! The energetic inventor spirit of our founding father Heinrich Fromme, who started in 1962 with two employees, is now as vibrant as it was 50 years ago. Because of him, we look back onto a long tradition of many awarded innovations. What motivates us over and over again? The desire to delight our customers with superior developments in the plastics field.

Within the huge market for solutions and products in plastics we focus our expertise on three areas:

  • Premium bed systems for at home and on travels, for the hospitality market and hospitals

  • Plastic components for ergonomics and comfort in office furniture, custom furniture, industrial applications and rehabilitation

  • Construction of specialty vehicles, including products for recreational markets related to leisure vehicles.

Our main focus is to develop ergonomic products in accordance with health considerations that promote well-being and make life more enjoyable. With that in mind, we design our quality products for durability and sustainability.
At Froli we are very familiar with the variety of resources and raw materials used in plastics processing and we possess outstanding expertise in injection molding and vacuum forming processes As well as in the production of PUR integral foam. In addition to our own in-house developments we also produce customer exclusive projects.

As a family-owned company in the second generation we live a distinctively value-oriented corporate culture: Customer satisfaction and the well-being of the employees are top priority at Froli. Top-quality, innovation, and ecological awareness complete our value set. Froli operates internationally, develops and manufactures in Germany.

Our innovative high-quality products have won numerous awards and are protected by international patent and trade mark rights. This is also a valued benefit to our customers.

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