Autoterm Europe – Diesel Heating

AUTOTERM air heaters are designed to provide warm air to living areas of vehicles and buses, as well as to cars, motorhomes, campers, in housing and cabins of yachts and ships in the cold season.

Everything Caravans (Caravan Refrigeration Services, Est 1975) have sought out this brand of European heater, we are very pleased that Autoterm have selected us as the distributor for Australia. We like most of you have not been happy with the quality and back up support of the Chinese Diesel heaters flooding into the market but need a quality heater supplied at a reasonable price.

Autoterm produce heaters in their facility in Russia, they are an ISO certified factory supplying the OE automotive and marine markets. The factory is state of the art, utilising staff and production methods from the now diminished Russian Space and Military programs.

All major parts are barcoded during production and every heater is tested with a one-hour computer-controlled testing cycle. From every heater production batch, a heater is chosen at random and run for a 3000-hour computer controller test. All this control and testing ensures we have a fantastic, reliable heater to sell to the travelling public.

Autoterm produce Air heaters in 2kw and 4kw, Marine kits in 2kw and 4kw. Engine liquid preheaters in 5kw. 2 types of controller are available, the simple to use rotary controller PU-5 or a OLED Digital display PU-27.

All cabling comes covered with flexible conduit and plenty of length. They have been designed for ease of installation.

Built for survival in the Tundra of Siberia and the Seas of the Arctic Ocean – these are heaters you truly can rely on.

Advantages of AUTOTERM air heaters:

• Reliable operation all the way down to -45°C

• High quality, affordable price and ease of installation

• Low noise level and extended lifetime due to the induction electric motor developed by AUTOTERM

• Low fuel consumption

• All air heaters are equipped with a complete installation kit

• Self-diagnostic check built-in, USB cable available for heater download to PC

• German made Thomas Magnete, fuel pump – All other parts made in Europe

• Fuel: diesel

• Fuel consumption: 0.1–0.24 L/h

• Hot air flow: 34–75 m3/h

• Set weight: 6,5 kg

• Complete installation kit with choice of controller

• Power consumption: min 10W to max 29W

• Stepless DC Induction motor

• Made in Europe

Everything Caravans carry a range of ducting, tanks and venting solutions for any OE or aftermarket heating solution.